Vacation Bible School

Calvary VBS at HOME
June 1-3

Designed for children who have completed Pre-K to Grade 6. Videos will be released at 9:00 am each morning. Take pictures of your VBS @ Home and post to social media. #cbcvbs20

Giving Challenge

This year our boys and girls are raising money to build a well in the town of Aguacatal, Honduras. Will the boys or girls come out on top? Select who you want to give to, and the people of Aguacatal win no matter what!

Tuesday, June 2, and Wednesday, June 3, watch our Facebook page for the winners of our challenge each day!

Gospel Presentation & Salvation Video

Parents, if your child has questions about becoming a Christian, here is a Gopsel Presentation video that could be helpful. We invite you to let us know how we can help and would love to talk with you and your child about any decisions being made.
Janet Jewell

More Music Videos

Here are some extra VBS songs for you you enjoy!