Children’s & Student Ministry Update
Parents of 5th & 6th Graders

Alexandria Campus
We have some exciting and significant changes upcoming in our Children’s and Student Ministry structure in Alexandria. Beginning this summer, we are launching a brand-new Middle School Ministry that will include sixth graders as part of our Student Ministry. This move reflects the current structure of our school systems and the developmental challenges kids of these ages encounter.

In Student Ministry, there are two specifics to note:
1) We separate Middle School (6th-8th grade) from High School (9th-12th grade) in most ministry settings due to the vast differences in their development and maturity.
2) We promote students at the beginning of summer, which will give a jump start in building relationships  and establishing great friendships with them before they enter their new school year.

Because of this timing, our fifth and sixth graders will promote from our Children’s Ministry to our Student Ministry once they have completed VBS in June this year. We look forward to the excellent opportunities these changes will help create for student growth.

Important Dates
– May 10th – Middle School Orientation for new students & parents.
– June 11th – 5th/6th grade promotion into the Middle School Ministry.
– July 27th-30th – Middle School Camp (for current 5th-7th grade only).

Woodworth Campus
In Woodworth, we have a parent forum on Sunday, March 26, immediately following the service to discuss updates with our Children’s and Student Ministries on that campus. Lunch will be provided.